Review of ScaleTrains Rivet Counter SD40-2 with ESU sound

A quick photo review of ScaleTrains highly anticipated new SD40-2 with ESU sound!

Note: I will be adding detail and additional information as I put these models through their paces, both to keep the review fair and hopefully provide feedback to ScaleTrains with the development of their models.

See video below for these beautiful units running using the new ESU drive hold and brake features!


Front pilot detail is clean and heavily decorated with warning/reference labels which are legible under magnification.


Rear pilot with spare coupler mounts, extensive labels, and rear functioning (and alternating) walk-mounted ditch lights, number boards, and headlight


The best looking trucks I’ve seen to date. The chains, sanding lines, brakes, and EOT holder look excellent


Roof detail


Underside view showing the extensive piping and bent sanding line. Note the sanding line alignment is easily corrected with a light application of a heat gun.


Headlight comparison with a recent run SVTX Intermountain Gevo. Headlight brightness and temperature is nearly identical; the ditch lights on the Gevo are slightly cooler and brighter.

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